Contract manufacturing of endoprostheses and implants

Additive manufacturing of serial and individual medical implants according to CAD-models of the client

Advantages of contract manufacturing

  • Price

    Individual products at the serial price
  • Speed

    Lead time — up to five days
  • Technology

    Objects of complex geometry and structure
Contract manufacturing — a production by the order at the independent manufacturer that provides full compliance with the technological cycle and quality control of the finished products according to customer requirements.
The printing of endoprostheses and their elements on a 3D printer allows not only to individualize the shape of the product, but also to achieve unique physico-mechanical properties that are as close as possible to the characteristics of natural bone tissue.
The minimum realized size of the structural element of the main product is 150 μm

The material Ti6Al4V has certificates of compliance with EN ISO 9693 / DIN and EN ISO 22674. Studies have not revealed the appearance of cellular toxic substances in the area of contact of the endoprosthesis with living tissues.

The combination of homogeneous and porous implant structures promotes better bone engagement.

Our equipment

We produce titanium endoprostheses using selective laser melting technology
Our equipment
We produce titanium endoprostheses using selective laser melting technology

System for serial printing of monolithic parts

The principle of selective lased melt (SLM) printing consists on melting of thin layers of metal powder by the laser in accordance with the geometry of the printed component.

In the Concept Laser M2, each layer is divided into a number of smallest islands, which are laser processed in a random order and in different directions, which significantly reduces the internal stresses of the metal and produce large parts with excellent surface quality and internal structure of the products.

Construction area, mm: 250 x 250 x 280
Layer thickness, mm: 0,02-0,08
Production speed: 2-20 cm³ / h

Precise printing of PPPs quality

The printer is based on Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) technology.

The machine uses a coating device or a roller to distribute the finely dispersed titanium powder on the platform with a thin layer. The laser layer-by-layer melts the powder in the argon environment, and the platform falls as the part is built.

After the printing is finished in an enclosed chamber, the product cools for a while and is freed from excess powder.

Construction area, mm: 250 x 250 x 325
Layer thickness, mm: 0,02 - 0,1
Production speed, cm³ / h: 7,2-72

Each order passes 4 stages

File validation
The technologist evaluates the CAD-file transferred for printing to errors and print realities.
Price and terms calculation
Before starting production, we will agree with you the final price and the time of manufacturing the products.
Printing is performed in an automated mode according to the standards of production of medical devices. Then the parts are thermally, mechanically and postprocessed.
Quality control
Each product undergoes a geometry test.
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